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Methylphenidate in ADHD: Psychopharmacology

The Psychopharmacology Institute recently published a new multimedia tutorial on the mechanism of action and formulations of methylphenidate.

This publication has an embedded video discussing the mechanism of action (role of the prefrontal cortex in NE and DA release in ADHD). You can also learn about the different methylphenidate formulations (short-acting, intermediate-acting, and long-acting). This is an illustrated tutorial that will makes things easier for you.

 Methylphenidate for ADHD: Mechanism of Action and Formulations

Psychiatric interview video lectures

These set of video lectures are a useful review for the  USMLE psychiatry test.  They explore the basics of a mental status examination when interviewing  psychiatric patients.

Lecture outline:

  • Mental status exam:
  • General description
  • Appearance, attitude rapport.
  • Behaviour /Activity
  • Akathesia: inability to sit still, restlessness (side effects of neuroleptic drugs)
  • Speech
  • Differences between:hallucination and illusion.
  • Types of hallucinations: auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory.
  • Content of thought
  • Minimental status exam: alertness, level of consciousness, orientation to time, person, place.
  • Features of dementia.
  • Concentration and attention.
  • Sensorium and cognition.